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SSAE, the Student Society of Architectural Engineers, is the Penn State Student Chapter of the Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI). It is a social and professional network that connects Penn State AE students, faculty, and alumni so we can learn and grow as a community. 

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CANstruction Competition and Food Drive 11/17/16

posted Nov 11, 2016, 5:15 PM by Rachel Lee

This year SSAE will be participating in AEI's national CANstruction competition. We will be competing against other schools that have their own branch of SSAE as we try to collect the most cans and build the best structure! Each can donated is worth one house point. Attached are the items that the State College food bank is looking to collect and the guidelines that they follow when accepting items. Hope to see you at the competition and for us to bring as many cans possible to help out the community and your house!

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