"A network of friends that share AE advice"
The Student Society of Architectural Engineers was established at Penn State in September 1965 by Eugene Bard, Chuck Bickley, George Hardisty, and Stuart Jackson to promote and share the profession of Architectural Engineering.  SSAE strives to promotes a disseminate knowledge regarding the profession of Architectural Engineering. We hope to encourage the interaction of student to share their education and experiences within the AE field. WE strive to facilitate valuable communication between students, faculty, and professionals. 

Benefits: Networking, Networking, Networking 
  • SSAE has a wonderful mentoring program, where we pair students with students and students with alumni so you can easily build your network and receive help! 
  • Houses! We know a big a club can get overwhelming sometimes so we split up into four great houses where we have competitions throughout the year with one house winning the house cup each year!
  • Every general body meeting we bring in a professor or professional to talk to us about the industry and the skills we need to succeed
  • Every year we hold an Options Conference to help you decided which option will best suite you.  
The Architectural Engineering Institute is the only nationally renowned Architectural Engineering organization established in 1998. It's vision is “To be the worldwide resource for the advancement of the design and construction of integrated buildings.”  By bringing together students, scholars and industry professionals together. To find more about AEI click here.

As a student you can join AEI for free here

The Alumni Society of Architectural Engineers is the alumni counterpart to SSAE. It brings together graduates of the AE Department at Penn State to encourage professional development and communications between all alumni, faculty and student body of the AE department. To find out more about ASAE and their Board of Directors click here

If you have questions about any of these organizations please contact president@psuae.org

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